Is My Water Heater Failing/Due for Replacement?

Oftentimes, it’s easy for home or business owners to look the other way when a large, expensive component inside their house begins acting up. The thought of having to shell out massive amounts of money is enough to make everyone forget about the issue or tell themselves ‘it’ll be ok for now’.

On the other hand, when it comes to some of these major components, it’s pertinent that you drift away from this mindset, and approach an issue head on. With your water heater specifically, there are a few things that can aid in your determination if it’s due for replacement.

Loss of Hot Water

Of course, the main focus of a hot water heater is to provide you with exactly that — hot water! Barring some other issue associated with the home or building you’re in, there may be an issue with an outdated heater, and you may require a replacement. In order to make this determination, it’s important to have someone come out who can accurately check your unit and make sure it’s in proper working order.


Water where it shouldn’t be is never a good sign. Regardless of if it dries up or not, it shouldn’t have been there to begin with! For these reasons, it’s important to make the call to a technician and have your unit inspected for leaks, and any other applicable areas for signs of failure. A good reminder to the severity is this; your water heater is sometimes large, and full of water. Do you really want all of that leaking out onto the floor?

Odd Sounds/Performance Issues

Some houses make odd noises when the wind hits and things shift — but your water heater making noise isn’t something worth risking. These noises can be due to connections being semi-faulty, improper previous installation, and many more issues. It’s important that in these situations, you’re being vigilant in making a proactive call to someone who can actively and accurately diagnose, and repair the issue.

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