When Is The Right Time To Call an Expert?

Let’s face it — working on something on your own, saving the money, and stepping back to be able to say you were the one who solved an issue is a great feeling. In fact, it can be something many home and business owners consider as a right of passage to being a true homeowner. However in the case of many major appliances, specifically your water heater, it might be worth it to call an expert to have the job handled when appropriate. Below are a few times to consider calling an expert, rather than pulling out your own set of tools for the job.

Leaking Water

If leaking water is present in your home near the water heater, it’s not ideal to figure out how to jerry rig something together and stop the water flow temporarily — unless you are at risk for serious water damage. In most cases, it’s important to at least know where your main shut off valve is, and turn the flow of water off. A qualified technician set to work on water heaters is likely the right person for a job like this.

Total Power Loss

Electricity and water don’t necessarily mix too well — and at the thought of those two things combining to cause serious harm, it should be enough to keep you away from it until someone gets there to help. We’re not saying this should always happen, however do consider the risks associated with a potential live current near water. If this is the case, make sure to have someone come by who can accurately inspect the issue and remedy the problem before it becomes larger, or you sustain injury trying to help it.

Anything, Really!

The age of the internet is a beautiful thing; video websites, and sites with blogs can offer an endless array of content that can turn the average homeowner into Mr. Fix it. However what these blogs and tutorials don’t account for are the situations unique to your own home, and the expertise needed to perform some of the intricate parts of the job. Although it might seem safe to watch a video and work on an appliance, it can really pose a threat to you or someone close by if not performed correctly. Our recommendation is to call someone the first time, learn your situation in and out, and with their guidance, maybe take the next small job on yourself.

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