Is A Solar Water Heater Right For You?

When selecting a new water heater, energy-efficiency is an important factor to consider. Oil and electricity-based equipment tend to use more energy and run up your bills in the process. But the modern age has brought us a third option for water heating: solar. A solar-powered water heater can provide you the same level of comfort as traditional products with much lower energy costs. Could this variety of water heater be right for you?

Energy/Cost Efficiency

The most obvious reason to go for solar is that they’re good for your wallet and the environment. Unlike heaters that run on oil or electricity, solar heaters run on an unlimited resource. Sunlight is free and you’re never going to run out of it, meaning you don’t have to worry about the paying local electric company or burning fossil fuels. 

“But what about the times when the sun’s not out?” some folks may ask. We’re way ahead of you. The heater stores and diffuses energy from the environment to ensure that even during those cloudy days, you’re never without hot water. 

How Does it Work?

Solar water heaters operate using a system of high-tech systems that harness sunlight and convert its energy into the water, heating it for your purposes. By placing receptors on an area of your home where sunlight is abundant, usually the roof, you’ll never be without energy. Size of the panels will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Once they’re in-place on the roof, the solar panels will catch the sun’s energy and deliver them to your boiler, which is where the energy exchange actually happens. The heat which was collected by the panels is used to heat up the water. The energy is transferred via a system of copper wires and a circuit of pipes. After the heat is passed on to the tank, cold water travels back to the collector upstairs to absorb more heat. Each solar water heater comes with a special rating to display its effectiveness at keeping your home’s water warm. The higher the solar energy factor (SEF), the higher the efficiency of the equipment. 

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