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Water Heater Codes in Los Angeles County

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Any type of water heater will eventually wear out, and when it does, you’ll need to replace it. However, replacing a water heater can be difficult, and a single mistake could lead to serious danger or risk of damage to your property. You may not realize it, but water heaters cause more damage to homes than any other in-home appliance. If you don’t install your new unit correctly, you could be putting yourself at risk for this damage, and your home insurance could reject claims you make because of the improper water heater installation.

It might seem silly, but most cities and areas throughout Los Angeles County require you to get a permit for a water heater installation project. At Payless Water Heaters, we can help pull this permit for you by filing the correct paperwork, ensuring there are no slow-downs or delays on our end.

Additionally, we help you by ensuring that all water heater installations are done in accordance with all applicable building codes and safety laws. These codes and laws change every few years or so in order to adopt new technology that improves safety and energy efficiency. As a result, your home will be safer and your water heater will be set up to serve you better.

Do you need your water heater replaced? Let our Los Angeles County water heater experts handle the job for you. Call Payless Water Heaters to schedule your service today.

Here are the plumbing codes currently being enforced in Los Angeles County:

  • Approved Locations—All water heaters must be installed in a location that’s approved. They can’t be installed in bathrooms or bedrooms and may not be in a closet unless that closet is specifically reserved for a water heater itself. This is because tiny amounts of carbon monoxide may release from water heater vents.
  • Earthquake Straps—All water heaters must be secured with certified earthquake straps attached at both the top and bottom thirds of the heater. Most LA County building inspectors will enforce this code strictly, as an unsecured heater could be a disaster in the event of an earthquake.
  • Pans & Drains—Any water heater built on a platform or in an interior location where water leaks could cause damage is required to have a drain pan installed beneath it. This drain pan must have a drain line connected to it which leads to an exterior location.
  • Pressure Temperature & Relief Drain—Modern water heaters are equipped with a pressure and temperature relief drain in order to prevent a water heater with thermal runway from exploding. Otherwise known as a “P&T Drain,” this device must also be connected to a line that runs to an exterior location.
  • Dedicated Water Shutoff—All water heaters are required to have a dedicated water shutoff that allows you to cut off the feed at any time while still allowing water to flow to the rest of your house. Los Angeles County actively and strictly enforces this code.
  • Grease Pack Valves—Grease pack valves are a type of gas connection that’s no longer approved by Los Angeles County due to their known tendency to fail.

Codes and safety regulations are subject to change frequently, and it’s important to make sure you stay up to date. Let the experts at Payless Water Heaters handle your replacement and don’t stress about water heater building codes,  safety or security again. Call us at (888)-548-5632 today.

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