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Water Heater Services

Homeowners and business owners alike tend to take their water heaters for granted until something goes wrong with them. We’ve become so accustomed to being able to acquire hot water with the turn of a knob that running out of hot water can be a jarring experience – especially mid-shower. The team at Payless Water Heaters are experts in water heaters because water heaters are all we do. When you need fast, effective water heater services in California you can count on us to be there to get your system back to operating as efficiently as it should be. We offer same day, on-site emergency water heater installation or repairs so you can get hot water for your home or business no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Our local water heating experts have over 30 years of combined experience working on residential and commercial water heaters of every kind. This experience, along with 100,000 water installations performed, affords our customers a peace of mind unmatched by any other in the business. We have the expertise and efficiency to bring your home or business back up to and even higher than the level of comfort you need.

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What You Can Expect When You Hire Payless Water Heaters

At Payless Water Heaters, water heaters are all we do, which means you can expect premium quality service every time. Our professionals can handle every repair, replacement, new installation, and maintenance service you need with ease, always delivering reliable work and lasting results.

When you hire our team, you can expect:

  • Same-day service for repairs and installations
  • $500-800 savings on water heater installations
  • The highest performing equipment in the industry (Bradford White water heaters)
  • Full warranties on all products (we never offer pro-rated warranties like Home Depot or Lowe’s)
  • High-quality water heaters that are maintenance-free and come with self-cleaning features
  • No extra charges for overtime or after-hours service

Our heater services team is here to help you and make your life easier. Reach out to us to enjoy the high-quality service you deserve!

We can install, repair, and maintain the following water heating systems

With so many options, there are many ways to keep your home or business functional while reducing your carbon footprint and your utility bills. If you have noticed unusual noises, temperature problems, or built-up moisture coming from your water heater unit, it is important you contact our water heater repair team right away. We can troubleshoot and fix the issues right away. Remember, allowing problems to persist can lead to larger and more expensive issues in the future.

Water Heater FAQ’s

  • What are Conventional Water Heaters? Conventional water heaters are those that use a tank to store water. These types of water heaters utilize gas or electricity to maintain the water at a specific temperature until an individual uses a faucet, which consumes that water supply. Of course, newer conventional water heaters are much more efficient than older models. For this reason, newer models can reduce energy bills by up to 7%.
  • What are Tankless Water Heaters? Tankless water heaters only heat water as necessary. This means these models begin to heat as a faucet or tap is turned on. Although they take up less space since a tank is not included in such models, larger gas lines, additional circuits, and special venting is used to build these models. Due to the efficiency of such water heaters, these units can reduce electric bills by up to 30%.
  • Is There A Difference Between Conventional & Tankless? Yes! Conventional water heaters and tankless units have stark differences between them and both pose different benefits when it comes to what’s better for your home. While each application is unique in its own way, it’s important to make sure that you’re consulting with someone who has your best interests in mind when it comes to your install.
  • Is Water Under My Water Heater Normal? No! This incident can be fro ma few things. If it’s coming from your water heater, you likely have a leak somewhere. However, if this is happening when other fixtures are in use in your home, it’s likely happening due to a blockage near the floor drain/branch line are.
  • Why Am I Low On Hot Water? Lack of hot water can be due to many things, which can include sediment in the heater, a heater that is too small, or an issue with your dip tube. Either way, it’s important that if you’re experiencing less hot water than normal, you call someone who can come and properly diagnose the issue and provide a course of action in order to help it! ​​​​​​

Signs You Are In Need Of Water Heater Services

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to come home to after a long day of work is a broken water heater. Whether your system needs to be repaired or replaced, that is money out of your pocket that you wish you didn’t need to spend.

In order to avoid dealing with major water heater problems, take note of a few signs below that indicate a call to a local water heater technician is required:

  • Water Where It Shouldn’t Be: Where there’s water, there’s an issue. Water underneath your water heater may be pointing to a leak in the unit or a blockage in some area surrounding the unit. However, there are a few diagnostic measures you can take if this is a new occurrence or there’s a lot of water, it might be good to not test it any further, and to just make a call. The last thing you need is more water where it doesn’t belong, which can lead to higher repair costs and more headaches.
  • You Don’t Have Hot Water: If you’re used to having hot water and all of a sudden you’re missing it, something is likely wrong with the unit tasked with providing it for you. First, check to see if someone took an oddly long shower, or they’ve used a ton of hot water in the past 15-30 minutes. If they haven’t, something might be wrong, and your hot water heater might be on the way out. In this instance, it’s important to make sure that you call someone quickly to recoup that luxury you were so used to.
  • Adverse Effects: Something as subtle as a squeaking or clanking sound can be enough to scare the average homeowner into thinking there’s something wrong. And while you’re not supposed to panic over the little things, it is important to at least try and diagnose the issue as you encounter it. Make sure you’re at least making a preemptive call and discussing what you’re experiencing — a trusted tech can assure you if there’s cause for concern.

Contacting Your New Experts

Unlike a lot of other service providers, who do water heating as well as electrical and HVAC and who even offer to groom your pets, we focus solely on water heating services and the plumbing that it sometimes requires so that we can do this at the highest level possible. From the selection of your new system to the installation to repairs needed years down the line, we have your back.

Water heaters are among the most regularly used and most overlooked appliances in homes and businesses. However, when they begin to function less efficiently or begin to make odd noises, it could be time to contact an experienced team who can troubleshoot and service any issues or determine if the entire unit should be replaced. Count on the experts at Payless Water Heaters for prompt & efficient water heater services 24/7!

For 24/7 water heater services from reliable, experienced professionals, contact Payless Water Heaters: (888) 548-5632.

Because we specialize in water heaters, we routinely save our customers hundreds of dollars compared to traditional plumbers, and we never charge overtime fees. Read reviews from our many happy customers.

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