Tankless vs Traditional: What’s The Difference?

When choosing the right appliance for your home, many owners tend to eventually break down their choices between two different and best suiting options. Of course, this decision is based on a number of factors. What is best for my home? What operates at the lowest cost? Is this powerful enough for my home? The list, while seemingly going on and on, comes down to two major options when it comes to a water heater — tankless vs traditional. So in the eyes of the consumer picking one for their home, what’s best, and what differences can be seen between both?


The California area has certainly been subject to its fair share of droughts throughout the years — and because of that, tankless water heaters have risen in popularity! For larger properties and for those looking to conserve water, a tankless water heater is a great option for you. This conscious investment ensures that you’re not going to have to worry about using too much water during a time in which its use can be better suited for something else, or simple conservation.


For many, a gas or electric water heater is the favorite option for homes in which the equipment is already configured. These options provide benefits for homes that don’t need new installed components, and who are looking to save space, save on utility costs, and reap the benefits of an unlimited supply of hot water. On the electric side, the installation, price, and safety are all improved over the other options, and have benefits that ultimately come down to preference and budget.

While picking the right water heater for your home is important, picking the right installer is even more critical. When choosing who to trust your home or business with for hot water, make sure it’s someone who has years of experience in the industry, and can do things right the first time, saving you money, and keeping your flow of hot water constant.

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