The Four Worst Things You Can Do For Your Water Heater

There is no such thing as a bad example. There are only examples of what to do and examples of what not to do. Learning from the mistakes of others is a surefire way to make sure you don’t experience the same pitfalls. When keeping up a water heater, it can be beneficial to see where others have fumbled the ball so that you can keep the hot water flowing and maintain your home’s comfort.


The number one worst mistake you can make for your water heater is neglecting it. Just like your car, you need to keep regular attention and maintenance on your heater to make sure it keeps working for years to come. One of the easiest ways to keep to a strong maintenance regimen is to stay on top of the anode rods. These are easily replaceable metal rods that prevent your heater from rust and corrosion damage. Regularly scheduled visits from your local water heater technician can help with other, more complicated, maintenance. But not staying on top of your heater’s health is far and away the biggest mistake you can make. 

Picking the Wrong Location

We’ve talked a little about the importance of location before. Location, location, location is a cliche for a reason. Where you put your water heater can be a deciding factor in it’s effectiveness. Placing a heater far away from the desired water outlet will reduce the heat of the water when it comes out. The location can also protect the heater from undue damage from the environment. Bathrooms, Closets, Under Sinks, Pantries, Under Stairs are all prime locations for a heater.

Picking the Wrong Dimensions

Is bigger really better? It depends on the context. A cheeseburger? Yes. Your water heater? Not necessarily. You need to have a water heater appropriately sized for your home. What that is will obviously vary and proper consultation with a professional will help you determine the best heater for your property. The right tools for the right job, and the right water heater for the right home. 

Not Bringing in The Pros When You Need Them

Everyone wants to be able to handle issues by themselves. We get it. But sometimes there are issues you need the professionals to resolve. Taking matters into your own hands can lead to serious damage to your system, or even worse, harm to yourself. When things get beyond what you can confidently handle, it’ll be time to call in the cavalry.

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