Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater 

All good things must come to an end; the same applies to your water heater. A well-maintained water heater will serve you well for about a decade, give or take a year on either end of that. But when your heater starts to give out, there are some tell-tale signs that you should have the professionals on speed dial. 

Spotty Instances of Hot Water 

As heaters get older, even if they are well maintained, they do eventually slip in functionality. The most obvious sign your water heater is on the way out is that you aren’t getting hot water. As it slows down with old age, your heater will have trouble heating up the water. If your water’s cold, it’s probably time to call in a replacement.

Rust in your Water

Anode rods are common components of a water heater designed to take harmful materials out of the water that goes into your home. These rods do some serious work, and need to be replaced on the regular. If there’s rust in your water and you replaced the rods not too long ago, your water heater may be faulty. That said, there’s a lot of reasons your water could be rusty. All of those reasons, however, should still be cause for concern. If your water has a reddish, rust coloration, call a plumber. 

Puddles Beneath It

Leaks are never a good thing where plumbing is concerned. Some water heater leaks are small, fixable affairs. Others, unfortunately, are the equivalent of a death knell for your system. Large puddles around your water heater mean it’s time to call in a professional. 

Low Water Pressure 

Water pressure can be hard to gauge on a daily basis.To the untrained eye, it can be almost impossible. But here’s a little trick from the experts: low water pressure is almost always accompanied by an abundance of sediment in your water. This is due to the pressure differential being unable to separate the material from the water as it approaches the faucet. So if you’re noticing particulates or other forms of sediment in your water, your aging water heater is a likely suspect. 

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