Does Your Water Heater Have a Vacation Mode?

Summer’s coming up fast. That means swimming pools, barbeques, and most importantly, vacations. While we’re all excited to get back to proper vacations after the last two years, you may want to take a moment to consider your home services before you head out. Your water heater in particular is something that to think about before you leave home for a week. Here’s what you can do to conserve hot water while you’re enjoying some much needed R&R. 

What is it?

What is “Vacation Mode?” More and more water heater brands are outfitting their products with a setting that allows homes to conserve energy and hot water while the residents are away for an extended period of time. What vacation mode essentially does is run your boiler at lower than normal temperatures to save on energy. Most manufacturers have their vacation mode set to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just enough to reliably prevent freezing in colder climates. 

How to Use Your Water Heater ‘s Vacation Mode 

Using vacation mode is going to vary depending on the make and model of your water heater. Some providers like Bradford and Rheem have them built into most of their products in an easy-to-understand way. Simply set it to turn off and back to normal when you return home. For other, especially older, heaters, you’re going to have to get a little creative. Most models without a proper vacation mode will have some form of dial to set the temperature manually. The only trouble is remembering to turn it back after a week of rest and relaxation. 

Why Use Vacation Settings?

The short answer? Money. The long answer? Heating water takes a considerable amount of energy and that’s doubly true when you’re not even home to reap the benefits of the energy-intensive process. If you’re in a position where you have to worry about money, which is most people these days, take care to save the most amount of money possible on your plumbing and water heating needs.

In Need of a Water Heater Repair or Inspection?

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