How Many Years Does A Water Heater Last?

When making a sizable purchase for your home, it’s pretty standard to ask yourself and the company you’re buying the item from a few questions. When the health of, let’s say your home’s hot water is at stake, a number of those questions should be at the forefront of your purchase, and the person you’re buying from should certainly have the answers! In terms of a hot water heater, a common question that many people have usually involves how long it will last. And while there’s a range to use as a rule of thumb, generally there are other factors that go with the longevity predictions.


If you’re a set it and forget it type, there’s a good chance that something simple like your water heater won’t last as long as it theoretically could. Because these appliances are constantly working and providing a benefit for you and your home, it needs to be looked at — just like your car! Without proper care, you could be cutting the lifespan of your water heater down by a few years.

Install Quality

Having someone who can do it cheaper isn’t always the best course of action when it comes to an expensive and critical part of your home. Make sure that no matter what decision you do make, the install is as seamless as it gets and from a quality company who stands behind their work. You want to feel secure when dealing with your home’s health — and we can make it happen. With an installation that isn’t as up to par, it could mean your unit underperforms and suffers from premature failure.

Product & Support

The best of the best is due for your home, and that’s a fact. Installing a product that is of the best quality is not only important, but it might mean less expenses for you over time and a better return on investment. Make sure you’re investing in not only the product you choose, but the support that comes with it. You’ll confidently be able to use a water heater with someone behind you in case any mishaps occur — and the lifespan of the appliance also reflects this.

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