Testing Water Heater Performance

It’s easy to think of the appliances in your home as something similar to a ‘set it and forget it’ piece of machinery — and in very few cases, you might be right! However when it comes to your water heater, “set it and forget it” should never be something to live by. Just like many other things, your water heater needs attention in order to confirm it’s working as it should, and testing performance is a great place to start and determine how it’s working. See a few ways you can test the performance below!

No Power

In the case of an electric water heater, it needs power to efficiently heat water and send it over to your shower, faucets, and other appliances that use the water. However when there’s no power, the lack of hot water can be pretty obvious. Testing the power can be done with a voltage meter to see if power is being sent to the unit or not. If none is, it’s time to give a qualified technician a call to have the issue solved.

Water Consistency

It’s important to note that the consistency of your hot water can tell you a lot about how the hot water heater in your building is operating. A steady stream of hot water is indicative of a healthy heater — whereas periods of colder water between warm water streams can be a sign that your hot water heater is ineffectively heating water and may require the eyes of a professional. Make sure you are monitoring the temperature as you use the water in your home and note any issues along the way.

In many cases, a hot water heater will be virtually silent during operation, and will allow you to go about your day without the sound of squeaks and creaks. In some cases however, noise coming from your water heater may occur, and it likely denotes a potential issue with the unit. Should you hear anything that sounds out of the ordinary, give your local hot water heater tech a call and allow them to properly diagnose the issue.

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