Why Water Heaters Matter in Southern California

There’s a lot that goes into home maintenance, especially in sunny, idyllic Southern California homes. And in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s very easy to overlook the common water heater as an important asset to your home. An improperly functioning water heater can seriously damage your home’s comfort and even its structural integrity. The easiest way to keep something to the forefront of your mind is to remind yourself why they’re important in the first place. 


You need hot water. Just a simple fact of modern living. Temperature controlled water is an expected comfort of a modern SoCal home. From hot showers to warm soap to washing your hands, to even physically heating your home in some aspects, hot water does it all. So when you’re out of hot water, you need a professional there to fix it as soon as possible to get your home on track. And at Payless, we have professionals in spades. 

Water Quality:

High school science class taught us all that heat kills dangerous microscopic organisms living in water. You can understand why hot water is important to not just your comfort, but your health as well. “But we already have a heater,” you may claim, which is itself a good thing. But is it current? 

The average lifespan for a water heater is around ten years, with some room for variance based on use, make and model, and maintenance. When a water heater goes, it affects your overall water quality. If you ever notice orange or otherwise rust-shaded water coming from the tap or showerhead, it may not be the city feeding you dirty water. Old and outdated water heaters often are responsible for impure water being filtered into the home. 

Ecologically Friendly:

Keeping the earth clean and free from pollution is something we can all agree is a good idea. That’s why most modern water heaters are designed with Mother Nature in mind. Designed with replaceable and totally recyclable components, these high-productivity heaters cause less air pollution, produce fewer greenhouse gasses, and are generally better for the environment than older models. Replacing your older heater with a new, eco-friendly model can help you do your part in keeping our world clean and sustainable for years to come. 

Is it time for you to call in backup? Call Payless today! Payless Water Heaters has been servicing water heaters in Southern California homes and businesses for over 30 years, and have installed upwards of 100,000 individual units. We take pride in every facet of our work, and we’re willing to stand by our quality team, work, and products. To learn more about how we can help you with your next water heaters in Southern California service or installation, give us a call at 866.615.4008 or contact us here!