Everything you Need to Know about Commercial Water Heaters in Valencia 

Perhaps even more important than a residential water heater is the commercial water heater. Where a residential heater warms a home, commercial water heaters in Valencia power any business you can think of. Everyone needs hot water, but some businesses like hotels and restaurants would be absolutely crippled without it. Some businesses like hotels and restaurants need commercial water to function properly. Here’s what you need to know about commercial water heaters to ensure your business never gets the cold shoulder. 

Tankless Vs Tank

No matter where you’re installing a water heater the “tank or tankless” question is bound to come up. Tank systems are very easy to install and their natural gas powered frames are more cost-efficient than their electrical counterparts.

For a commercial business, a tankless heater may be the best option, especially for buildings that require large amounts of energy.  A tankless system yields 22% more energy-efficient than a traditional heater. For heating more than 86 gallons of water, 8-14% of energy efficiency is possible.

Drain Valve Type

Draining your water heater regularly is a very important part of maintaining a healthy system. This prevents the build up of harmful sediment which can and will damage your water heater. Drain valves are incredibly important parts of your system and need to be replaced quickly when broken. 

For commercial water heaters, you need to have a brass drain valve. Brass can handle hot temperatures and lasts the longest out of any other type of valve. 

Digital Display

Technology is wonderful isn’t it? Digital displays are in our homes, our cars, our phones, and basically everywhere else you can think of. Even water heaters. 

Modern water heaters come with optional digital readouts that allow for much more accurate customization of your system’s settings and very easy-reading. Modern devices have additional options such as the vacation mode, which automates the temperature controls so that the device remains efficient and working while you are away.

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