Tell Tale Signs You Need Water Tank Service ASAP

No one wants to deal with a problem that’s gone out of hand. Here are some warning signs to look out for that indicate you need your water tank serviced.  It is recommended that water tanks get serviced every 5 years as a regular check up. Even if there are no problems that seem apparent 5 years marks the half life, or quarter life, of your water heater depending on the type of tank you purchase.  Here are some tell tale signs that  you need water heater service.

Irregular Water Temperatures

Mineral deposits that build up over time are often the result of irregular water temperatures. This can indicate that your water tank may need to be serviced if this problem arises and your water heater is new or potentially replaced if it’s on the older side.

Water Discoloration 

If your water is not coming out clearly it is a sign that you need your water heater serviced. This discoloration can be a health hazard for your family as it can result from rust build up in the tank.

Water Tank Leaking 

This can appear as water pooling under the tank or a smaller leak beginning. Leaks can lead to erosion of the tank so to stay on top of this make sure that you check your water tank for leaks monthly.

Hot Water Running Out Quickly

If your hot water is running out too quickly it could be a sign that a part of your tanks heating function is not performing as it should be. This requires service to be fixed in order to heat all of the water in a tank at one time.

Strange Noises 

Smaller noises are normal for a water tank but be sure to listen for loud banging or popping or cracking. If unaddressed this could lead to further problems such as leaking.

Be on the lookout for these signs and be sure to seek water heater service for them as soon as possible.

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