Some Benefits of Installing A Tankless Water Heater in Burbank

Tankless water heaters can do a lot for a savvy Burbank homeowner. Keeping your water hot and comfortable  with limited maintenance is obviously the main draw to a tankless system, but there’s got to be more to it than that, right?  Indeed there is. Tankless water heaters have seen a massive boom in popularity in recent years, and when you consider their many benefits to a Burbank household, it’s not hard to see why.

Unlimited Hot Water

The biggest talking point you’ll hear for a tankless setup is the fact that it doesn’t put a cap on your hot water. And we’re not going to lie, that’s a pretty big bonus. We’ve all experienced the pain of running out of hot water at the least convenient moments . A tankless water heater ensures that never again will your comfortable showers be interrupted with an icy surprise coming from the showerhead.  


Your average tanked system will last you about ten years with vigilant maintenance and good upkeep. Not a bad deal, but for homeowners in a more permanent situation, it can be easier to opt for something with a little longer of a lifespan to avoid multiple replacements. Tankless water heaters on average last much longer than their tanked counterparts, meaning fewer replacements over time, making it ideal for folks who’ve found the perfect Burbank home to settle down in permanently. 

Simultaneous Operation

For those with a large family, house, or multiple appliances, a tankless water heater helps you and allows for simultaneous operation of many things at once. Showers, dishwashers, washing machines and more can all be used without the worry of running out of hot water!

Of course, all homes and needs are different — and if getting yourself hot water is a priority, talk to someone who can help you get set up! We’re here for you when you need us, and when you REALLY need us!

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