Common Reasons Why Your Water Heater Stopped Working

Has your water heater stopped working?  Your water heater can last you a long while with proper maintenance. But problems do happen and nothing lasts forever. Eventually, your water heater will buckle and stop working. In a perfect world, it will be under the weight of its years, but there are a host of reasons as to why your water heater could fail on you.


Unsurprisingly, a leaky heater is a heater that’s not long for this world. Leaks can and will wreak havoc on  your ability to sustain hot water in your home. What’s more is that the leaked water is liable to damage the area surrounding the water heater. Any homeowner will tell you that water damage is no laughing matter and should be treated as seriously as possible. As such, a leaky water heater may do a lot more than ruin your plans for a relaxing warm bath.

Anode Rods and Rust Damage 

Anode rods are the epitome of the phrase “take one for the team.” They are handy little devices siphon harmful rust causing minerals from your water. These are the reasons your water heaters aren’t ridden with rust. If your heater is producing brownish-red water, you’re far overdue for an anode rod replacement.

Electrical Malfunction

A lot of water heaters use electricity to physically heat the water. And as any electrician can tell you, there are a host of electrical issues that can prevent a given device from working as intended. Thankfully these issues are very common and easy to fix for any trained, licensed plumber to manage. 


All good things must come to an end and the same can be said of your water heater. Even with top of the line maintenance, even the best water heaters will only give you around 10-12 solid years of service. That’s a long time, but losing hot water suddenly will always be a jarring experience no matter what. Our best advice to avoid any outages whatsoever is to keep in touch with your local plumber. They’ll have a good idea as to how much longer your heater has left and when to schedule a proper replacement to minimize impact on your daily life.

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